Developing Offline Apps with Salesforce Mobile Services

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Mobile apps and offline access go hand in hand. If a sales rep has five minutes with a doctor and an iPad in the basement of a hospital, or a service rep needs to complete a mobile inspection report in a remote location, they might not have a strong data signal when they need it most. Worldwide cell coverage improves every year, but when it comes right down to it, if you’re on the move, your signal strength and data bandwidth will vary greatly from place to place. Apps are no longer just “online” or “offline” — there’s a huge gray area in between where your device might technically be online, but the connection just isn’t usable enough for mission critical tasks.

The Salesforce Mobile Services does an excellent job of providing the tools needed to build enterprise mobile apps that allow you to securely transfer and store data on your mobile device for highly performant offline access. This post explores how to use the Salesforce Mobile SDK SmartStore to store encrypted data in a NoSQL-style database on both iOS and Android devices. The code shown throughout is written in Javascript, which would be used for hybrid mobile apps, but all of the same Mobile SDK functionality exists in Objective-c for iOS native apps and Java for Android native apps.

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