Painless Mobile App Development Webinar

Gartner predicts that by 2015, mobile app projects will outnumber PC app projects 4-to-1. Learn how to quickly build and efficiently maintain native mobile apps that scale on-demand by powering them with cloud technology. We presented this webinar June 2012 on “Painless Mobile App Development”.

In this webinar, we went over these items:

  • Create a cloud database for your app, one that’s automatically scalable and configured for disaster recovery, all in a matter of minutes without ever leaving your browser
  • Build a native mobile app that leverages the database’s open standards-based APIs for authentication and data persistence
  • Code and use a custom REST API for your app to encapsulate unique business logic and improve the efficiency of your app’s performance
  • Securely store data offline to support situations when the app cannot access the cloud database
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