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Have you ever wanted a mastering compresssor that was dead-easy to use? A compressor that just made things louder without having to worry about the best Ratio, Attack, and Release settings for a specific task? A compressor that didn't over-compress attack transients, robbing your track of all the excitement of explosive hits? A compressor that was downright freaky looking?

Well, Pressure is the compressor for you. Using a technique called upward compression, Pressure increases the level of quiet portions in a mix without reducing the level of attack transients like a traditional compressor. There are just 3 parameters: Amount of compression, look-ahead, and gain control. It couldn't be easier.

Pressure is free, so enjoy!

Pressure Users:

Todd Reynolds, I Don't Care
"Great plug-in. It seemed to do the trick on those drums. Nice job!" --Todd Reynolds

"It was so good that while working with an individual who has been speaking to me and my artist I let him hear a song that we used your compressor on for mastering and he immediately wanted to discuss a distribution deal. He was from Sony Records." --Leonard White

Tom Gersic

Tom Gersic is a respected industry leader who is responsible for strategic work with many of the world's largest and most well-known enterprise companies.