What I'm doing at Dreamforce 2013!

Dreamforce is the biggest and best cloud computing conference, and this year’s will be the biggest Dreamforce ever. Here are the events and sessions that I’m leading. Come on out and say hi!

Security Best Practices for Mobile Development

Think the apps on your phone are secure because you use MDM? Are you developing a mobile app that requires enterprise grade security? Join me in the “Security Best Practices for Mobile Development” Session on Monday, November 18th: 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM in Moscone Center West, 2020.

In the enterprise, mobile devices and mobile apps need to be secure. A lost or stolen phone or tablet can mean your company data falling into the wrong hands. Join us to explore the security features available on iOS and Android. Learn how app data can be compromised and learn best practices for the development of secure enterprise apps on both platforms.

Security Best Practices for Mobile Development Repeat!

Same session, just later in the week.

Developing Offline Mobile Apps with Salesforce Mobile SDK SmartStore

Are you interested in developing offline-accessible mobile apps for Salesforce.com? In the 6 years since the original iPhone was released, Salesforce Services has developed more than 75 offline mobile apps for enterprise customers. Come learn from this experience in the session “Developing Offline Mobile Apps with Salesforce Mobile SDK SmartStore”. Sign up now!

At some point, all mobile app users lose their data signal. Join us to learn best-practices for coding for offline requirements with the salesforce.com Mobile SDK. We’ll develop a simple app using SmartStore offline storage, highlighting the new SmartSQL and SmartSync features. With these tools, you can take your mobile apps to the next level, developing native and hybrid applications on iOS and Android that have offline access to your data.

Monitor Your Car from the Cloud: DIY Telematics and the Internet of Things

All cars manufactured since 1996 have an OBD-II diagnostic interface. Join us to learn how to expose this data using a Heroku app and Force.com APIs, explore the data available, and be introduced to DIY products like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Beagle Bone. We’ll finish by creating an automatic support-request and case-handling system.

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